We pursue relationships for a variety of reasons including;

– love
– intimacy
– security
– safety

Relationships also serve to satisfy physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our worldview is shaped through our connections with others and the way we see ourselves. Healthy relationships encourage interdependence and open communication. However, even the most mature couples can experience breakdown in their communication and an increase in conflict resulting in withdrawal, avoidance, unbalanced power and control, and mistrust.

My journey into couples counselling began when I saw that people’s greatest pain occurred in the context of their closest relationships. When a partner fails to respond to another, hopelessness and loneliness often ensue. Through the experience of counselling women suffering  from the loss of their marriages, my desire was to see relationships saved and enriched. Through EFT, I learned that love can be re-kindled, sustained and nurtured. We can actively and skillfully protect our most meaningful relationships. No matter how far apart you feel from connecting with your partner, it is possible to reconnect.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

EFT is a method of couples counselling founded by Dr. Sue Johnson. She discovered that couples in distress were entangled in negative interactions keeping them stuck and unable to resolve their conflicts. EFT acknowledges the core emotional experience of each partner helping them to change negative and painful interactions. EFT deepens a couple’s emotional bond, restores intimacy and creates a secure connection.

EFT is an evidence-based treatment shown to be remarkably successful.   70-75 % display complete recovery from marital distress and 90% can expect improvement in their relationship.

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