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Every individual has the need to connect and to feel understood in a relationship. Our worldview is shaped through our connections with others and the way we see ourselves. Healthy relationships encourage interdependence and open communication. However, even the most mature couples can experience breakdown in their communication and an increase in conflict resulting in withdrawal, avoidance, unbalanced power and control, and mistrust. We then fall into negative patterns and struggle to find a way out. Couples therapy will give you the opportunity to learn what triggers are causing the negative cycle to continue and why you are stuck in it. It will help you to better understand one another which will then hopefully give you a more meaningful and deeper connection.

Couples therapy does not have to be only when one is in crisis but can also be a way of insuring that you maintain connection and closeness by learning strategies to keep that connection intact.

These are some areas that might be looked at:

Premarital Counselling

Seeking support from a therapist before marriage gives you an opportunity to consider and communicate your thoughts about various topics that often arise in marriage in a safe and supportive environment.

I use tools and testing that help to provide structured sessions focused on various topics such as communication, finance management, conflict resolution, marriage expectations and helping to set goals.