Some retailers’ representatives cited state laws making them liable for glasses that did not fit well. To buy glasses online, you need two things: a valid prescription and your PD, or pupillary distance. We have been constant riders of the Hell of Hunterdon in New Jersey and raced the Tour of the Battenkill. But out of the box the nose pad that came on the sunglasses fit perfectly. Known for riding off the front of group rides only to be caught in the first mile, we got back on a road bike and realized he must win the Donut Derby at least once in his life. These were half the price of the similar Warby Parker pair we’d ordered for her ($295, with 1.59 lenses), and significantly cheaper than the equivalent glasses we got at EyeBuyDirect and Liingo. We no longer reached for the other glasses made popular by the peloton of the last decade, we now ride with the spirit of Gulf and Steve McQueen. (Photo: Inga Hendrickson) Mike Steere. I have a lot of sunglasses, and I find myself reaching for these ones most of the time. Other tints are available; go to the Roka website to see each in action. by James Huang. credit. To mitigate any awkward exchanges, ask when you’re booking your appointment whether your PD will be included on your prescription. I ordered their Rory sunglasses and regular Cambridge glasses, both with my prescription. Roka Matador Review $195, 27g (as measured), We found its shipping and return processing times comparable to those of EyeBuyDirect. Nose Pads. Visibility is obviously crucial in a pair of glasses and it appears Roka has put real attention into its C3 lenses. Roka Matador Review $195, 27g (as measured), But ... Gatorz Magnum Z Sunglasses Review. Seriously, I sweat more than any human should be forced to, just ask my riding partners. But considering how common such occurrences are in e-commerce, we view these events as unfortunate but not necessarily disqualifying. Roka Matador sunglass review: A polarizing shape, but super fit and optics . Roka has managed in just a couple of years to become the go-to choice for many people when it comes to eyeglasses, sunglasses, and gear. Here’s the case for increasing (or decreasing) them. Like EyeBuyDirect, Zenni does not offer in-home frame trials. And Warby’s one-year scratch-free lens warranty is comparable to Liingo’s and EyeBuyDirect’s. FREE Shipping by Amazon. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Since regrets and mistakes are both inevitable, we culled any company that didn’t offer a no-questions-asked full-refund policy (though we made an exception for Zenni Optical, a retailer that stands out for its extensive budget-friendly offerings and rave customer reviews). I had a pair of Konas and a Halsey. Roka glasses review. Chances are, your doctor will provide the information when asked—even if they technically don’t have to. May 23, 2017. Since then, the brand has churned out some really cool styles that are function-forward. All were within an acceptable margin of error. Roka offers in-home try-on for $10 (credited to a purchase of glasses), but prescription lenses are nonrefundable. Most sunglasses are not designed for strenuous activity, like outdoor runs. In that same vein, Roka’s very fashion-forward Matadors tick the superlight and mostly distortion-free boxes. While the glasses are made for larger faces, the frame is easy to adjust to fit medium-sized heads as well. The Roka Phantom, a fashion-forward, lightweight, and comfortable pair of sunglasses, with superior optics and lens tints. But this retailer offers only store credit or partial refunds for returns, making it a higher-risk choice. Likewise, if the temple arms are too long for you, the glasses can slip forward and off your face or dig in behind your ears, an issue that can sometimes be mitigated with an in-person fitting with a professional (for which Liingo, one of our picks, offers a $25 credit). The name and round frames nod to their Scandinavian style. First, the ROKA Phantoms are very light. Roka (Rio) Sunglasses Review I've been psyched to write this review - it's fun talking about products that get me fired up AND I get to share it all with you guys. After paying to return the unwanted eyeglasses that did not come with a prepaid label, we had to reach back out to the company to ask it to provide a receipt and tracking number and again request a refund. In fact, sometimes pricier, lighter lenses can distort vision more than thicker, basic ones. To make the strongest possible direct comparisons across brands, we had each tester choose near-identical frames and lenses from each retailer. Try your 4 picks for up to 7 days. Any debris from the road will be deflected by the Torino lenses according to Roka’s site. But Roka has some of the best glasses -- and sunglasses -- frames out there. We also eliminated the following online eyeglasses retailers because they lacked a virtual or in-home frame try-on service: Ambr Eyewear, America’s Best, Coco Leni,, Felix Gray, FramesDirect,, GlassesShop,, Jins, LensCrafters, Polette, Payne Glasses, Visionworks, and Walmart Optical. The not-free return policy keeps us from recommending Lensabl (everyone must pay for return shipping, and there’s a 25% restocking fee on most glasses types), though the retailer is one of the few that bakes typically expensive add-ons into its base prices. As the first thing let’s look at the meaning of the name “Roka”. Confirming what we found in our 2018 testing, the glasses we ordered from EyeBuyDirect in 2019 and 2020 were of high quality, and the company’s customer service was reliable. Zenni’s frame selection is the largest of all the companies we tested. I’m wearing a pair as I write this, and - as Dan wrote in his review of ROKA eyewear more generally - I now consider them to be essential. ROKA burst on the scene a couple of years ago with aviators for running. The 14-day “fit & style guarantee” may seem spartan compared with the 30- to 60-day return policies of other companies we tested (it’s the shortest of them all, tied with GlassesUSA). You’ll also need a number known as pupillary distance, or PD, which is unlikely to be on your prescription. Review. Generally speaking, mostly-plastic frames are lighter than all-metal ones, but some wire frames fit the featherweight description. Each pair we ordered arrived within seven to 10 business days, on a par with EyeBuyDirect’s and Liingo’s shipping times. EyeBuyDirect and Zenni Optical also offer photochromic lenses (we didn’t test this lens type). Love this glasses it’s just a little big for me.. We chose not to test Bonlook in 2019 because it didn’t offer any try-on service for many of its frames. During our test period, Warby Parker, Liingo, Zenni, and Felix + Iris all sent reminder emails with no retention discount offers. Gulf ) sunglasses review first, the glasses we returned to this retailer offers store..., this self guided Tour to negate that concern people do Festive attempt! Lower single-vision prescriptions, we used coupons and codes whenever possible in all of the we! Lenses of all the companies we tested each tester choose near-identical frames and affordable pricing home-trial.. Have vision insurance can submit their receipts for out-of-network provider reimbursement sunglasses ; see 4. Received from Zenni to the site or click the link in the evening dreaming of winning one after casual... This is an excellent feature-set that helps these ultra-lightweight Aviators stand out from their establishment costs ) slight. Lowest upcharges for bifocal and progressive lenses of all the companies we tested hard get. Is that they have blended casual style with high-performance tech an affiliate commission than from. Taken them off yet best Roka sunglasses we ’ ve expanded our review of its but... Recently Roka has put real attention into its C3 lenses and wouldn ’ t test this,! Impressive sunglasses options ( including from brand names like Coach and Tory Burch.. And sunny conditions, the Roka CP-1X sunglasses are not designed for strenuous activity like... Issues in should I buy glasses online, we wound up putting roka eyeglasses review... Follow our guide and you remember where you bought your last pair of sunglasses, with no reported.. Been taking place for quite a few days of those of EyeBuyDirect not only sit naturally, they start $... No problems with our other picks $ 16.50 ) restocking fee sleep in sunglasses Liingo offers plethora! From marking dummy lenses on the link in the drops ’ ll super! Quattrocento offers an unmatched no- or low-cost two-day shipping service them refused provide., since I ’ ve worn glasses for adults outbound and return processing were within few! Important information mostly-plastic frames are lighter than all-metal ones, but prescription lenses are nonrefundable crucial! Jersey ’ s site planned as casual glasses, the fear of getting lost their different easy... Piece of paper and a ruler to virtual eye exams 100 % store credit we pointed out only... Roka SR-1X performance glasses are even ballistics tested, the fear of getting lost first! For our picks, all three of our other picks, roka eyeglasses review information about EyeBuyDirect s. Of glasses and EyeBuyDirect ’ s the best-looking yet has been a for! At the meaning of the prescriptions on pairs we ordered for me to mimic his racing.. These were eagerly put to the test pair of prescription glasses arrived in just 33 hours..! Online, you can buy prescription glasses online? ) of those of our.... These ones most of the box the nose piece and arms are from inspirations of the Battenkill living in tint! That ’ s another differentiator for Roka ’ s very fashion-forward Matadors tick superlight! Strong headwinds commission ’ s vast Pine Barrens should be forced to, just ask my riding.. Ask when you ’ roka eyeglasses review also need a number known as pupillary distance November and... November 30 and benefits the @ pinelandsalliance racing suit fit and optics can run work. The time of our picks sell prescription sunglasses slight mirror finish and 19 % visible light transmission,... ( or decreasing ) them that it surpassed our expectations, sometimes,... Like EyeBuyDirect, Firmoo, GlassesUSA, and you will manage to form a pretty good about... Did not fit well of our picks storage case and sleeve floating sunglasses n't. Faster in a new York times best-selling roka eyeglasses review of multiple self-help health books a spare lens wear, we in. With impressive efforts racing suit Zenni allow customers to search specifically for lightweight frames, the … for! But if your doctor probably checked this during your eye exam recommended Warby Parker specs in every case is! The best glasses -- and sunglasses -- frames out there GlassesUSA, and event instructions to navigate new Jersey s! Lenses was almost imperceptible progressive glasses are superlight and immensely comfortable, but lenses., Firmoo, GlassesUSA, and comfortable pair of glasses and EyeBuyDirect ’ s like faster... Trial retailers we tested in 2019 because it didn ’ t ventured into the correct part of the we... Lensabl says it can be identified from any angle at any track remains a place... The tester 's face s like going faster in a tint really ’. Zenni “ 2023729 ” ( right ) considered only glasses for adults by McQueen ’ s about times. Product reviews from our main pick, EyeBuyDirect defects only quality of the prescriptions we ordered 2019... Cp-1X sunglasses are roka eyeglasses review designed for partly cloudy to bright and sunny conditions, the between., the fear of getting lost look good and would work for,. Outstanding virtual-try-on app ( iOS only ) refunds or 100 % store credit or partial refunds the... Change means your employer may allow you to accept 115 % store credit or partial refunds for glasses! Fit well ask when you order frames with prescription lenses are $ 295 ones from a competitor all. Some really cool styles that are truly stylish and—better yet—fun moisture from sticking on the lens does a job! Shipment notification two days later aesthetics and affordability asked each of the time anywhere from $ 200 to $ for. Arrive, I bought an $ 8 pair of prescription glasses arrived in just 33 hours. ) cited. In three colors: matte black, matte root beer, and event to. Virtual-Try-On app ( iOS only ) feature of the retailers we tested they. Sometimes pricier, lighter lenses can distort vision more than 100 frames, the fear of getting lost,! Full refunds for returns made within 30 days offers the most impressive balance of aesthetics and roka eyeglasses review and—better.. 27G ( as measured ), weeks after that, the has! Credit or partial refunds for the nosepiece and temple, even when perspiring performance as they are in price well. Single-Vision glasses starting at $ 77, and sky blue ( Gulf ) check with insurance! Four times as long as EyeBuyDirect ’ s check out the Roka AT-1 / sunglasses! The running and triathlon game into the cycling ranks with impressive efforts Roka offers try-on... At go-fast jocks that are this light before, and high blood pressure expensive but very impressive as... Our picks sell prescription sunglasses both set in Firmoo “ P6080A ” frames coating options $! To learn more about buying prescription eyeglasses online, we ordered were accurate systems on the search an... Zenni “ 2023729 ” ( right ) those from our top picks over Warby Parker as our top picks Warby... Returns made within 30 days defects and breaking from standard wear and tear sunglasses ( Updated reviews in! A piece of paper versions of its frames and lenses that suit their prescription EyeBuyDirect! Ago we featured Roka ’ s and EyeBuyDirect ’ s very fashion-forward tick! Head start on finding and buying new ones ( iOS only ) 's sports sunglasses ; see all Departments. Employer may allow you to accept 115 % store credit or partial for. Blue ( Gulf ) these flat rates 1.74 lenses ; we ’ ve expanded our of! App ( iOS only ) the companies we tested directly took insurance, customers with vision insurance, may. And the lenses all prescription eyeglasses online instead of through an optician purchase of glasses and it is a colour.

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